Electric Quilt Quilt Design Wizard

  • Design your quilt on the computer screen
  • Print the Patterns and Yardage Estimates
  • Sew or Learn Sewing and Quilting Basics
  • 200 Blocks & 3000 Fabrics to choose from when designing your quilt
  • Versatile layouts and borders
Product Description
Does Quilt Design Wizard replace EQ5 or EQ6? No, QDW is a software for beginning quilters and beginning computer users. It is an inexpensive way for you to try quilt designing on your computer for the first time. If you only need simple pieced blocks, straight/horizontal layouts, on-point layouts, and want to play with color, then Quilt Design Wizard may be for you. If you want to do pieced and appliqué blocks, draw your own blocks, work with every kind of layout i… More >>

Price: $19.90

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5 Responses to “Electric Quilt Quilt Design Wizard”

  1. E. Barron says:

    Quilt Design Wizard is a very simple to use quilt design program that I am thoroughly enjoying. Let me share with you the features:

    -200 quilt blocks to choose from

    -3000 fabrics to choose from

    -lay out blocks in standard rows or on point

    -you can use a standard layout and number of blocks or customize

    -sashing and/or borders can be added.

    -experiment with color and block changes with a few clicks of the mouse

    -print out yardage estimates, templates or rotary instructions, and lots of other goodies

    -visit the Quilt Design Wizard for free montly download to get new block and fabrics


    -200 blocks may sound like a lot, but if you want a block and it’s not there, you’re out of luck; also, you can’t create your own block

    -fabric library is big, but does not permit you to scan in other fabrics, which can be helpful for some newer quilting techniques

    Overall, this is a great beginning quilt program. I love being able to try out my designs and color schemes BEFORE I commit them to fabric. However a professional designer or someone with advanced computer skills and/or deeper pockets might want to go ahead and invest in Electric Quilt which is much more complex, expensive and versatile software made by the same company.

    That being said, this software is perfect for me, since I like to keep things simple when it comes to computers. I can design a quilt and easily play around with the color scheme, arrangement of blocks and dimensions. This software is very simple to use and has already been lots of fun and help to me. I’m delighted with this software and will recommend it to my friends.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Karen Haugen says:

    Electric Quilt – Quilt Design Wizard is a very user friendly program, and is a great program for designing from the simplest to the most advanced quilts at a very inexpensive price. Creating is fun and easy. A must for quilters of all skills levels looking to expand their quilting pattern library.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Excellent and simple and hardy program for beginning quilters (and ways to play with quilt designs for those quilters in a creative slump). With dozens of popular blocks and fabrics already in the system, with dozens more to download FREE from the website (including more fabric choices to play with, and one more every month), the varieties are endless to create. There are simple instructions for different ways to piece your project together and a good manual when you are stumped. This program allows you to design from lap quilts to king size, with personal alterations allowed at all levels. And it is so easy to use!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Kathy Hayes says:

    Electic quilt-quilt design wizard is a great thing for quilters to have. It saves time by letting you see your pattern right away. You don’t have to keep drawing to get it right.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. I am satisified with this quilt program. It is easy to use and useful to see your design before you actually cut out the material.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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